Linking to images and CSS with ExpressionEngine

Working with ExpressionEngine is intuitive once you understand the idea of templates and weblogs, soon to be called channels. For my first EE site, I quickly translated a static HTML page into a template. Creating a template for the CSS files was easy enough, but I could not figure out where to put the images that the design required.

Flash on a grid

A while back I started investigating grids—what they were, and how they could help my design. As a web designer, I never thought much about grids. It seemed to be some esoteric thing print designers used. Back in the table-based layout days, I probably used grids without even knowing it. Table columns and rows naturally structured the layout, the cellspacing attribute acted as a gutter between rows and columns, and cellpadding added a bit of buffer for the text. Of course, I normally set both to zero for pixel-precise layouts. I’m glad I don’t work that way anymore…