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Semester at Sea 50th anniversary project

Semester at Sea 50th anniversary website launches.

The Institute for Shipboard Education hired me to handle the front-end development and ExpressionEngine production of their new website celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Semester at Sea program. The website was conceptualized and designed by the team at the Institute for Shipboard Education.

Wilcox Design website relaunch

I just worked with Jean Wilcox of Wilcox Design to redesign the company’s website and update it with new portfolio pieces. We included some of the design elements from the earlier website design, and updated the site with a lighter background and improved menu system. We opted for a larger image format to showcase the firm’s excellent graphic design.

Tribeach Holdings

I recently completed production on a website for Alan Hill Design. As with other projects we have collaborated on, Alan Hill designed the site, and I handled the front-end development. The website makes use of jQuery to load sections dynamically, and the content is editable via ExpressionEngine.

A recent project for Alan Hill Design. Alan Hill created the design, and I handled the web production. Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, ActionScript, and PHP.