WordPress Hosting & Maintenance Services

Professional Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

Deciding on your WordPress hosting is an important decision. The type of site and the amount of traffic it receives are vital factors. With a small, static website, high-quality shared hosting will be acceptable to get started. As your site grows, cloud hosting is a great option to improve speed and handle a large volume of traffic.

WordPress Cloud Hosting


Improve website security and SEO with an integrated SSL certificate.


Speed up your website with the included content delivery network.


We migrate your website for you and handle all the technical details.

Core Updates

WordPress core security updates are applied as soon as they are available.

Plugin Updates

We monitor and update your plugins around the clock with the latest.

No Hacks

Enhanced security, monitoring, and firewalls block bad actors.

Always On

If there is a problem, we are notified and respond immediately.


Your website is backed up daily. One-click restore in case of trouble.

Staging Area

Staging Environment available for testing and design changes.

Premium WordPress Hosting

Get Peace of Mind With Our Support Plans.

Let us take care of all the technical details. We manage your website so you can focus on your business.


Managed WordPress Hosting

$ 25 /month

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Website Monitoring
  • Plugin and Theme Updates
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Jetpack Security
  • Limited Support


WordPress Hosting with Support

$ 100 /month

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Website Monitoring
  • Plugin and Theme Updates
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Jetpack Security
  • 1/2 Hour Monthly Support


Hosting and Minor Updates

$ 200 /month

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Website Monitoring
  • Plugin and Theme Updates
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Jetpack Security
  • 1 Hour Monthly Support
  • Website Tracking in Ahrefs


Hosting and Extra Updates

$ 400 /month

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Website Monitoring
  • Plugin and Theme Updates
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Jetpack Security
  • 2 Hours Monthly Support
  • Website Tracking in Ahrefs
  • Technical SEO Fixes

Need more support? We have maintenance plans for busy websites. Contact us to learn more.

Cloud hosting is a good option for higher traffic and more active sites. I provide cloud hosting via Kinsta (affiliate link) and Pressable (affiliate link). Both are modern, managed WordPress hosting solutions designed for speed and security, and built with the latest hosting technology. Your website will be fast and reliable with a global CDN and page caching at the server level.

All sites include free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, perfect for e-commerce, and online donations. Your website is kept safe with daily automated backups and a one-click restore. Your live website is protected with a hack cleanup guarantee at Kinsta.

By hosting with me, I’ll handle all of the technical details for you. I will configure and monitor your WordPress website for security, keep it up to date, and back up the site daily in case of a problem. The cost includes the hosting service and labor associated with updating and maintaining WordPress. Monthly website support and retainer options are available for dedicated support.

Feel free to contact me for other requests such as multiple sites, e-commerce and membership sites, or if you would like to sign up for Kinsta or Pressable directly. You can add me as a developer at Kinsta or a collaborator at Pressable.

What is managed WordPress cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is just a fancy way of saying your website is located on someone else’s computer network. Cloud hosting is more resilient than standard shared hosting as resources are distributed across different network nodes. If one node goes down, other nodes pick up the slack. With Cloud hosting, you will experience fast loading times worldwide and little to no downtime. There are many managed WordPress cloud providers. I work with a few, including Pressable, Pantheon, and Kinsta. Check out our article on managed WordPress cloud hosting if you want to learn more.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting employs a single computer, is not distributed like cloud hosting, and individual websites share server resources. There is more risk and susceptibility to downtime. If your host server goes down, so does your website. With shared hosting, you also share any problems. If other websites on the server are hogging resources, this impacts the performance of your website. We use a professional host called Opalstack. Opalstack offers high-quality, stable, and independent hosting for developers. It’s also perfect if you want to run other software such as Ghost.

Do you offer monthly maintenance plans?

Our website plans include the time necessary to keep the website software updated, and monitor and address any problems. We do offer monthly retainer packages starting at $100. The retainer includes hosting, occasional support via email, and minor updates to the site. With more intensive needs, we offer packages starting at $500 for regular monthly updates–including adding a new page to the site or minor design adjustments. If you need frequent design and content updates, contact me, and I can put together a retainer plan for you. The cost will depend on the amount of effort involved.

Can you host my email?

I recommend Google Workspace for email. You can also consider Microsoft 365 or other email providers. Pressable offers Titan email as an add-on. The pricing is similar to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. This is useful if you want to combine email and hosting into one package. Titan email is an independent provider–important if you prefer to use an alternative to big-name tech companies. Other providers to consider are FastMail and Zoho.

Will you help me move my website?

As part of the hosting service, we will move your existing website to the new provider. We might suggest improvements or enhancements before the move. The website staging environment is perfect for testing out design changes or implementing a redesign before the move. Once you’re ready to go live, the new website is published on your new hosting provider. Learn more about our WordPress design services.

My website is hacked! Can you help? 

Should there be a problem, Kinsta offers a hack-cleanup guarantee. With Pressable, you can use the tools within Jetpack Security Daily to clean up any security issues. If your old site has security problems, we will help correct those before it goes live on the new hosting provider. Most issues are a result of outdated software or poor passwords. Check out our post on security tips for small businesses so you can avoid problems in the first place.