This is a running list of resources I use to manage my freelance design and web development business. This is not an exhaustive list, just solutions that I regularly use and recommend. I keep this page updated as solutions change.

Note, some of the following links are affiliate links. This means I may receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This helps me create useful articles like this one. I only recommend companies I’ve actually used in my business. Thanks for your support!

Time Tracking, Invoicing, and Project Management


With Quotient, you can quickly create professional quotes. Innovative features include quote templates, reusable price items and text snippets, recurring pricing items, and optional items. I particularly like the optional and recurring price items which can be used for WordPress hosting and maintenance costs. After years of creating PDF documents and fumbling with e-signatures in Acrobat, Quotient is a pleasure to use and takes the pain out of creating quotes and estimates.


FreshBooks makes it easy to track your time and invoice your clients. Create estimates and proposals, record your time spent on projects, accept online payments, and run reports to check the health of your business. I’ve used FreshBooks since 2007. I especially like the ability to create recurring monthly invoices and accept online payments. And the reporting is useful for end of year tax preparation.


Basecamp is one of the most well-known project management sites out there. It’s effective for gathering all team discussions in one place. The shared calendar makes it easy to track milestones and the to-do lists are useful for breaking down projects into specific tasks and assigning to team members. Share files with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other services. I’ve kept projects on track since 2007 with Basecamp.


Harvest is time tracking and invoicing app with a well-designed time tracker, and a unique way to visualize project budgets and progress. I use the Harvest Forecast app to keep track of project scheduling.

WordPress Themes

A handful of WordPress themes I regularly use.

WordPress Plugins

I use most of these on every site.

WordPress Hosting

Transactional Email

Computer Security

Website Performance Analysis

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