Gearing up for ExpressionEngine 3

ExpressionEngine (EE) 3.0 is on the way. What does this mean? It’s hard to tell exactly. I know that a responsive control panel is in development. And I know that the codebase is being modernized, but I don’t know yet what other improvements are being made. EllisLab is posting developer preview status updates on their blog, but these only hint at the features being introduced.

It would be helpful to have a software road map—some indication of what features are in the works. Those who are using the software to develop sites for their clients and are not creating commercial add-ons are left out of the loop. A road map would help both this group as well as prospective EE purchasers.

In an effort to be more informed, today I joined the EE Focus Group and the the Developer Preview Program. Hopefully, these outlets will provide some indication of what’s happening behind the scenes and create opportunities to contribute.

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