January 5, 2011 update

All has been quiet around here, and it’s time for an update. This fall ended up being busy with client work. I managed to redesign my site twice—once over the summer, and once again this past fall. I wouldn’t recommend such frequent design changes, but that’s how it goes. At this point, I think things have stabilized, and I will be making changes in the form of updates and tweaks rather than a wholesale reworking of everything. The news section was dropped in the last redesign, and I ended up bringing it back. The brochure-style site only gets you so far. Current content is important, even if it is only news updates.

I favor the ExpressionEngine content management system, but there are many options that might work for your website to keep content fresh. EllisLab, the makers of ExpressionEngine, introduced a mini-CMS called MojoMotor over the summer. It’s designed for managing content on a smaller site that doesn’t need a full-blown CMS. I could have used this earlier on many projects, and I am looking forward to trying it out.

This past year, I worked on a mix of design and development projects. I still had quite a bit of Flash-oriented work—both timeline animation and development. Contrary to the rumors, the Flash platform is still alive and well. It will be interesting to see how it evolves with the increased consumer use of mobile and portable devices.

Obviously the past two years were challenging for everyone. I’m optimistic about the upcoming year. I think we are beginning to see improvements in the health of the economy and overall business climate. I’m very grateful to my clients for the work this past year. If you were a client, thank you! And here’s to a successful 2011!

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