Magnetic ExpressionEngine theme available

I just released an installable theme for ExpressionEngine called Magnetic. The theme is suitable for a blog, or as a starting point for an online magazine. The design is clean and can be easily modified via CSS and a few image adjustments. The original Photoshop file is included to make modifications easier.

The ExpressionEngine templates are organized into one template group for the site, and another for the search to keep URLs clean and optimized. Global Variables are used for Google Analytics, the extended title on the home page, and the site meta description. Snippets are used to organize other pieces of the templates such as the CSS links, feeds, JavaScript files, site header, and footer.

The site uses four main channels and a featured channel to organize content. The four main channels could be used for different topics if creating an online magazine, or just one main channel could be used if creating a blog. The featured channel is used for featured entries on the home page.

View the demo site.


  1. I am looking for a responsive theme that will adjust to whatever device is being used. Do you have any suggestions.


  2. Hi Mike, this particular theme uses a fixed width. It would need some adjustment before being a responsive, mobile theme. My suggestion would be to try it out and make the necessary CSS adjustments if you have that capability. However if you need something to work without configuration, you might need to keep looking for now. If you need some consulting on your project, let me know.

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